Bengaluru's traffic battle
Bengaluru, the bustling metropolis known as India's Silicon Valley, is struggling with a challenge: its crippling traffic problems. Overwhelming congestion, inadequate infrastructure, limited public transport, poor management, and environmental impact pose significant challenges for commuters.
Heavy Traffic
Heavy Traffic
High volumes of vehicular traffic, resulting in congestion during peak hours and leading to longer commute times.
Lack of Public Transport Options
Lack of Public Transport Options
Insufficient and underdeveloped public transport systems, such as auto, buses, and metro lines, contribute to increased reliance on private vehicles.
Last-Mile Connectivity
Last-Mile Connectivity
Limited connectivity between different modes of transport make it challenging for commuters to seamlessly switch between public transport and their final destinations.
Solution: Move people not vehicles
Aug 2023
Sept 2023
Kengeri- Chellaghatta
Oct 2023
800 new buses
120 mini buses expected
Oct 2023
Nagasandra- Madavara
Dec 2023
Electronic City
What will make you switch?
Do we need more buses?
How can we improve access to metros?
Should there be more parking for cycles?
Do we need fixed rates for autos?
Help us understand your needs better, help us shape a city that works better for everyone. Your concerns are real and we want to capture these insights, present it to concerned authorities and work towards suitable solutions.
About us

#Personal2Public is an initiative to inspire citizens of Bengaluru to switch to public transport at least twice a week in order to reduce traffic congestion & pollution.

The year 2023 is a significant milestone for Bengaluru as the much-awaited metro lines to most congested areas will become operational; Whitefield in July 2023 and Electronic City in December 2023. Frustrated with traffic jams and stress of driving, lakhs of commuters are eagerly looking forward to switch to public transport, but adoption of public transport depends on first and last mile access.

We are working with various stakeholders, from Government: DULT, BMRCL, BMTC, BBMP and BTP, Auto Unions and Aggregators, Civil Society groups, Research Organizations, and Corporates to better understand the needs and gaps and help create action plans both at city as well as at local level.

List of Partners supporting #Personal2Public campaign
Corporate Partners to #Personal2Public

Auto Unions

ARDU - Auto Rickshaw Drivers Union

Civil Society Partners for #Personal2Public

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